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  • Reopening Announcement and Guidelines

    We are excited to announce our reopening coming very soon on May 18th! We will be allowed to reopen our doors to our students and resume our normal class schedule but with several exceptions and precautions at first. Firstly, we will be allowed to operate at 25% of our maximum occupancy, so our classes will have to be a little smaller for a short time in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. Bushi Ban will follow strict guidelines in order to keep everyone safe and healthy moving forward. Students will have to keep a minimum distance of 6 feet or more during all activities. We will also be implementing strict guidelines for admittance. We request that all students and parents ....

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  • Top 10 Health Benefits of Martial Arts

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Martial Arts

    There have been several benefits when it comes to training martial arts, which can be mental, physical and spiritual in nature. When it comes to physical improvements, the improvement in both your mental and spiritual soul, martial arts makes people reach the highest level with respect to their potential. There are a lot of martial arts benefits and it helps you get the desired shape in your life real quick. Martial arts is one of the most effective workout available. Many of the physicians believe that it is an incredible health choice and will always recommend you to train martial arts so that their lives can become better and healthier. To get into your dream body and ....

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  • The Importance of Training the Core for Adults and Teens

    One of the most important muscle groups or areas of the body to train is the core or as describes it, “your midsection and it involves all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides. The core includes the traverse abdominis (TVA), erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats.” Essentially mean, the center and “core” of your body. Onnit describes the need for a strong core in martial arts as, “Understand [the core’s] importance in increasing explosive power, improving overall strength, maximizing mobility, reducing stress on the body, and minimizing your injuries.” Having a strong and stable core ....

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  • Why is Martial Arts the Best Workout For Kids?

    Martial arts is a workout that combines mental and physical concentration to achieve results. Today our kids are spending less time running around outdoors and more time inside with their attention solely on the television, phones, and video games. Martial arts allows your children to physically engage and mentally focus on their instructor, form, and classmates. Here’s why martial arts is the best workout for your children to begin! Safe Practice: Parents always have the same #1 concern when it comes to activities that their children are involved in - safety. In martial arts classes, your child will safely be taught different techniques that they will practice on their ....

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  • Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness in Martial Arts Training

    Cleanliness and personal hygiene are an often overlooked aspect in martial arts. Not only is proper hygiene a reflection of your dedication to training and the respect of your school but, it is also important for your personal health and the health of your training partners. These tips are important for both pre and post workout! Having proper personal hygiene is crucial because it not only teaches discipline, it also affects your health and those around you. In the martial arts, you are constantly in close proximity to other training partners and teachers. You are coming into physical contact during training, so having bad hygiene includes unwashed clothing or gear and not taking ....

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  • On-The-Go Pre-Workout Snacks to Make in Advance of Martial Arts Class

    Between martial arts classes, school, work, family time and more you and your kids are constantly on the go. It can be hard to fuel up before class if you don’t have the time to stop at home and cook up something nutritious! With these healthyhacksyou can pre-prepare snacks so that they are ready to transport and eat in the car on the way to class! No more growling bellies in this dojo! Nut Butter Boats: Fill celery pieces with nut butter, or no-nut butter such assunbutter(if you have an allergy) and top with almonds, cacao nibs or raisins. Transport these in atupperware, or in a wax paper bag. Trail Mix: Make your own trail mix! You can choose what your family likes best ....

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  • Fall Superfoods for Optimal Kickboxing Results

    Our kickboxing classes are for hard-core workout enthusiasts! In just one hour you can burn up to 800 calories, but what does one eat in order to prepare for the intense workouts that you will receive at Bushi Ban International? With our Fall inspired superfood list you can be sure to have a high intake of vitamins and nutrients as well as substantial protein and carbohydrates. These foods will power you through your kickboxing classes while also complimenting your fat burning cardio workouts! Pumpkin:
    Pumpkin is everywhere this time of year! Pumpkin spice lattes, muffins, bagels and more. These pumpkin treats aren’t very helpful for shedding pounds and achieving the washboard abs ....

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  • Ten Ways to Maintain Supplemental Workout Motivation!

    Summer is over but your supplemental workouts shouldn’t be! Don’t let new hectic schedules, later sunrises and life in general get you down. Sure, martial arts classes are your go-to workouts, but your supplemental workouts should be fun too. We have ten sure-fire ways to get you up and moving when you need that extra push! 1. Update Your iPod Queue:
    This tip is pretty self-explanatory and one that you may have already tried, but it can really work! Explore Spotify or the iTunes store for some upbeat tracks to add to your workout playlist. Give yourself a short preview to make sure you like the song, but try to resist listening to it in its entirety so that you can save that ....

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  • Helpful Hints to Improve Your Kicks

    Having an arsenal of different kicks is a powerful way to create distance and timing, keep an opponent or attacker at bay, wear them down and even set up for different combinations of attacks! The options opened up by having strong, powerful and effective kicks are endless and can be the most important tool that any martial artist can possess! However, having the ability to kick well at this level of control and technique takes time, dedication, practice and flexibility.This skill is often neglected for control of the upper body and arms, while the ability to kick lags or falls off completely. Tips For Improvement:
    Create FLEXIBILITY in your limbs and joints!
    One of the first steps ....

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  • Eat Like a Martial Arts Champion

    Diet can play an important role in a martial artist’s performance. In order to gain strength, you must eat a well balanced diet. For martial artists, what you consume provides your body the stamina and speed to perform at your very best. Some of the most important areas to watch what you consume are: Carbohydrates
    Carbohydrates are the basic energy source for the body. This means that carbs keep your body working as you exercise, however, it’s important to watch how much energy you’re using compared to the carbs you’re consuming. Eating more carbs than you’re using will result in increased body fat, which is generally not the goal when exercising. Try to ....

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