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On-The-Go Pre-Workout Snacks to Make in Advance of Martial Arts Class

Between martial arts classes, school, work, family time and more you and your kids are constantly on the go. It can be hard to fuel up before class if you don’t have the time to stop at home and cook up something nutritious! With these healthy hacks you can pre-prepare snacks so that they are ready to transport and eat in the car on the way to class! No more growling bellies in this dojo! 

Nut Butter Boats: Fill celery pieces with nut butter, or no-nut butter such as sunbutter (if you have an allergy) and top with almonds, cacao nibs or raisins. Transport these in a tupperware, or in a wax paper bag. 

Trail Mix: Make your own trail mix! You can choose what your family likes best and make a huge quantity at once. Store the trail mix in an airtight container and scoop it out as you need it! No more skipping over the raisins, you can choose the granola, nuts, seeds and fruits that you want! Transport this in a baggie! 

Turkey Roll-Ups: Turkey rolls ups are great because you get protein, calcium and veggies all at once! Leave the bread in the cabinet for this snack, all you need is to place the cheese on your turkey slice, put the veggies such as cucumber, peppers, etc. in the middle and roll it up! Cut these in half and stick them into a mason jar or tupperware for easy transport!

Hummus Dippers: For this snack, grab another mason jar, cut up veggies, plop a spoonful of hummus into the bottom of the mason jar and stick your veggies straight into the dip! 

Protein Balls: You can make these delicious treats in large quantity! In a large mixing bowl throw in nut butter (or no-nut butter for an allergy), oats, honey, and chocolate chips. Mix together and then use your hands to form spoonfuls into balls. Individually wrap in wax paper and then refrigerate so that they will be ready to grab and go! 

Kale Chips: Kale chips are so simple! Toss your washed and chopped kale in olive oil, season with spices of your choice and then bake until crispy! Store these in a big plastic bag, or pre-package them for on the go into smaller bags! 

Crispy Chickpeas: Rinse your chickpeas, toss them in olive oil, sea salt and cayenne pepper and then roast in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. These spicy and crunchy treats will be perfect to toss into a baggie! You can also use these salty treats in your trail mix!

Apple Cookies: Slice your apple into thin circular pieces instead of wedges. Glaze with nut butter, no-nut butter, or honey and then place shaved coconut, cacao nibs, nuts, and fruit on top. Transport these in a tupperware and use toothpicks to keep each layer from sticking to the one below! 

Frozen Grapes: These are self explanatory! Wash grapes and separate from the stem to easily freeze them. These are so refreshing! You can also dip the grapes in greek yogurt before freezing them for an extra flavorful treat! Transport these in a bag or, tupperware or mason jar!

Sesame Popcorn: Pop your popcorn, opt for an non-buttered bag. Toss the popcorn in sesame oil and sesame seeds to taste. Add a dash of sea salt if you need it! You can also forgo sesame and just use salt! Transport in a baggie.

Give these snack options a try! They’re each yummy and perfect for whatever you’re craving before your martial arts class! You’ll be reaching for these snacks even when you’re not on the go!

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