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Self Defense Classes

Protect Yourself And Your Family With Self Defense Classes At Bushi Ban

Bushi Ban Self Defense Classes Will Transform Your Mindset! If you're looking for a unique mixture of the most effective Self Defense techniques, our Bushi Ban Self Defense Training should be your first choice! Students learn to:

Defend themselves in any situation
Counter attack kicks and punches
Disarm knives and guns
Free yourself from chokes and holds 
Recognize potential threats and increase situational awareness
Develop pre-emptive protective defenses
Free your mind, body, and spirit

Using a variety of Self Defense maneuvers such as kicks, punches, throws, chokes, and grappling, you'll learn to protect yourself against attackers, overpower larger opponents with skill, wisdom, cunning and leverage while ALSO getting your body into amazing shape!

You'll learn Kata which is a series of movements and techniques that are practiced in patterns, plus many other effective martial art forms. This Self Defense program combines ancient war arts and techniques that date back hundreds and even thousands of years with modern-age combat training to give students an effective combination of sports, competition and fitness training.

Bushi Ban incorporates the elements of personal development, fitness, and Self Defense in all our programs. With Bushi Ban, adults will experience a wide variety of training based on components derived from styles like:

Krav Maga
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Muay Tai
Tae Kwon Do
Tai Chi

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Ideal for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, the Bushi Ban Self Defense Classes are designed to provide students with a wide variety of fighting, fitness, and protection. To find out more or to sign up today, simply fill out the form on your screen now. A member of our staff guides you from there!

Our Self Defense Classes Are Located In

  • Clear Lake
  • Sienna Plantation


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