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Ready To Take On the Ultimate Challenge With Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes?

Whether you want total fitness, MMA, elite combat training or ultimate self-defense, the Bushi Ban Fighters Elite Program will transform you into a BATTLE-READY warrior using the most advanced combative techniques.

Fighters Elite is a multi-dimensional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program that combines the warrior wisdom of the ages with cutting-edge combat methods of the day.

Elite Combat Training

You'll receive customized combat training based on your interest in cage fighting, street combative, military and Law Enforcement or athletic sports training. Generalized or specialized competitive training is available.

You'll transition at your own pace from non-contact, to semi-contact and eventually to full-contact combat training. Plus, learn a variety of striking, grappling and ground fighting martial arts training techniques that combine modern-day combative with progressive fight techniques to keep your opponents disadvantaged and off guard.

Creating Real Champions

Bushi Ban has created champions who have competed in amateur and professional events ranging from local, regional, national and even international competitions! 

The Bushi Ban atmosphere is based on team spirit, friendship, support, hard work, and fellowship. All instructors are highly qualified and experienced, both in teaching and in actual competition. They are patient and friendly, and they are here to help you achieve your goals.

You'll develop a sporting nature, gain confidence, self-esteem, pride, and clarity, and focus, an understanding of technique, skill, and life philosophy.

Best of all, you get first-generation training. You won't find another combat sports program that provides you training directly from the founder and creator of the Bushi Ban system, Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed.

Are you the Next Ultimate Warrior?

You've already taken the first step in your MMA journey! Don’t just watch others on TV and wish you had the knowledge and skill they possess? Don't procrastinate for one more second!

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Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes Are Located In Pasadena!

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