Build a Life Champion with Bushi Ban Martial Arts and Fitness

Build a Life Champion with Bushi Ban Martial Arts and Fitness

Build a Life Champion with Bushi Ban Martial Arts and Fitness

Martial Arts Lessons at Bushi Ban - A Life Changer

Looking for an after-school activity to keep your child engaged, healthy, and socialized? Martial arts at Bushi Ban is the perfect place for your child. We offer an outstanding program of discipline, confidence, and leadership skills, building the champions of tomorrow.  

Any Skill Level Can Join

Bushi Ban offers a community that treats all participants equally whether new or experienced. We welcome new students moving into the area. If your child has prior experience, Bushi Ban honors their training and places them in a camo belt. A Camo belt means that the participant is on a trial period to see the appropriate skill group for that student. Don’t lose your child's hard work and accomplishment. Keep it going towards black belt status!

How Bushi Ban Martial Arts Is Different From Other Martial Arts Styles

Bushi Ban is different from other martial arts styles. We incorporate other martial arts styles such as Muay Thai, Ju-Jitsu, and Taekwondo that focus on one skill, such as hand, ground, or kicking techniques. Our program is well-rounded and focuses on the best of multiple techniques. Bushi Ban has its own style created by our Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed, a world-class martial arts champion. The students' skills are taught responsibly, as we do not promote violence or weapons in our curriculum, but rather show our students the importance of confidence and physical self-defense. The "weapons" training we offer is not presented until a student demonstrates discipline and responsibility and achieves black belt status.


Age Appropriate Learning

Learning is segmented by age group to ensure that everyone competes on an even playing field. The youngest age group is our Little Warriors ranging from 3-6 years old. Little Warriors emphasizes teaching them focus, discipline, and listening skills – all important life skills. Higher levels are ages 6-10; Beginning Warriors and Intermediate Warriors ages 10-13, Advanced Warriors 13+. Warriors are taught leadership skills to build their confidence. Our teaching methods benefit your child in every aspect of their life from school, to social relationships and self-esteem.

How Bushi Ban Creates Strong Bonds 

The social aspect of joining Bushi Ban martial arts is something to look forward to. At the dojo, we offer a family-friendly atmosphere that welcomes all. We create a positive environment to help students learn cooperation, team-building, compassion, and empathy with each other from every interaction as they train together. Parents benefit from the amenities we offer, such as mat-side seating to view how your child improves with each class. Free Wi-Fi ensures you can multitask as needed. The friendships of students also help bring parents together and form new relationships and connections. The Bushi Ban family creates a nurturing community of parents and students, focused on collective success.


COVID-19 Safety

To create the perfect environment to train, we follow all the state and local guidelines regarding COVID-19. We value our students' safety, so we limit the number of students allowed to participate in-person as per CDC guidelines.


Benefits of Joining Now

We welcome the opportunity to have your child or family experience a free demo class. Once registered, we will provide a free uniform. We offer monthly communication in email and on our social media to help you stay updated in what we are doing each month. We would love for you to follow us! If you are ready to get started, complete the form at the top of the page. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to get you scheduled for a trial class.


1 Session of kids martial arts free

1 Orientation Session with a Certified Instructor

Limit One Voucher Per Person / New Clients Only

Upon Qualification, you can receive our 30 Day Starter Program for only $50!

Once you have signed up for your starter class, we will call you to schedule a time for your first visit!

At Bushi Ban – We Build Champions!

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