5 Major Benefits of Martial Arts for Differently-Abled Children

Martial Arts for All


Key Learning Points:

  • Martial arts focuses on the body and the mind equally
  • It helps all children learn respect, self-control, and focus.
  • The feeling your child gets from training is more important than the type and technique of martial arts they are performing.

Between school and homework, kids spend the majority of their day sitting at a desk for studies. That’s why extracurricular activities that allow them to release their energy are important. But kids who learn and think differently can have a hard time finding that extracurricular activity that suits them.

Here is why martial arts may be a good fit for your differently-abled child and how it can help them with daily life and school.

Individual Growth Focused  Martial arts is a unique sport in which the individual growth of each student is focused on and not team competition. Many children with attention issues struggle with the pressure of having to compete with other kids or at times the pressure to “win”. Traditional sports may not be a good fit for them, but in martial arts, the clear focus is on self-improvement and encouraging other teammates to be their best selves.

Attainable Goals  Setting specific goals and achieving them is a basic element of any martial arts training. Sure, kicking and punching are standouts however at its core, the representation of the “black belt” stands for personal excellence.

Importance of Drills and Repetition  Martial arts involves a lot of repetition and this serves two main purposes. First, repetition reinforces the specific physical skills associated with the various movements that invokes a “practice makes perfect” mentality. Second, and just as important, is that repetition prompts the phenomenon of “muscle memory”. Eventually, the body learns to react automatically to certain cues with little engagement by the conscious mind. Overall, The element of repetition and structure within a martial arts setting makes this the perfect extra-curricular activity for special needs children.

Safe Outlet for Limitless Energy  In martial arts, kids discover an inner confidence and strength, which enables them to move beyond the need to prove themselves physically. They frequently develop a higher tolerance for frustration with repetitive attempts and learn self-control. Having a dedicated instructor and small groups allows each child to perform at a pace that works for that child.

Structure in an Accepting Environment  Martial arts provides structure and clear expectations for behavior from everyone (students and instructors). Although the instructors have clear rules during and out of the class,  the environment is accepting and communal. Negativity has no space in/out of the class and students are encouraged to support each other.

The Bushi Ban “Why”

Martial arts training is a great opportunity for all kids to build positive self-esteem and find community, and acceptance in a safe environment. Becoming a Bushi Ban student is like coming home because for many Bushi Ban students, martial arts becomes a way of life and offers an extended family atmosphere. Even parents find new and healthy connections with other like-minded adults. It’s a winning combination for families.

We’d love to introduce your child to the Bushi Ban Blackbelt Mindset. Starting at age 3, our youngest students, “Little Warriors” have the opportunity to begin a path to health, discipline and learning in positive reinforcement and accepting of those who have differently-abled physical or mental challenges. From there, by age group, your child progresses to the next levels of training until they join our advanced classes later in their journey.

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