Fighters Elite Legacy Amateur Series 15 BUSHI BAN

Once opponents standing in the opposite side of the cage and now team mates, Nico Daily and Angel Zamora battled it out this past weekend at the Houston Arena Theater on March 29th. Coming in on weight at 120 lbs, Daily faced a Gracie Barra fighter named Kevin Martinez. Zamora fought at flyweight against a very tough fighter named Elezar Escaremo out of Metro Fight Club. During the weigh ins on Friday March 28th, things got heated as Angel and Elezar almost threw down as they faced each other for the face off. Luckily, both fighters restrained each other from starting the event early by keeping it professional and leaving the flying fists and mean mugging in the cage and not in the middle of Hooters.The Houston Arena Theater was once again packed with fans and families of all the fighters. Once the event started, you can feel the electrifying feeling as the fans roared and clapped. First up for Bushi Ban is Nico Daily. Coming into the fight, Daily was as ready as can be. With the game plan of keeping it standing with good footwork, he did exactly that. In the first round, Nico peppered Martinez with vicious leg kicks over and over again. Kevins offensive movement only lasted a few moments until Daily's kick were delivered to his front leg. Which later on taxed his movement and slowed down his attacks. Then, the second round started. Throwing out the game plan and doing his own thing, Daily threw a front head kick...but slipped and landed on his butt. This led to his opponent jumping on his back and choking him out by rear naked choke. The man that many know as "The Bull," is now up. Angel Zamora walked into the cage determined to put his will on his opponent. At 43 years of age, The Bull still has the drive and heart to keep moving forward and compete in a young mans game. After the pre fight scuffle at weigh ins,Zamora is ready to step in there and bull rush his opponent. As usual, Angel came in there and controlled Elezar by taking him down and ground and pounding. Like many of his fights, Zamora showed heart and determination to keep moving no matter what hits him. In the second round, Zamora got rocked by an over hand right that almost dropped him. Like a bull, he powered through it and kept going. Angels fight went for all three rounds but the decision was given to Elezar Escaremo. Though the boys did not bring home the W, we are all very proud of them. They will learn from their mistakes and become an even better fighter the next time they step into the cage. Bushi Ban would like to say thank you to all the supporters and Bushi Ban family members that had bought tickets and supported these two warriors who represented us and step into the cage. Bushi Ban PRIDE!

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