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19th Annual Dungal Submission Grappling Competition

Several hundred years ago, a form of wrestling was developed in the South East Asian Sub-Continent the area which is now known as India and Pakistan. This form of wrestling was called Kushti. It is a well known sport where athletes compete to show honor, skills,strength and prove who is the best in the region.

Over time, Kushti, became the official sport of India and Pakistan. Back in the early days, the nobles would organize a competition where all the best wrestlers from each region competed in a tournament that we know of today as the Dungal. The fights would be sometimes bare knuckle, no time limit, and sometime even lead to ones death As time goes by, the brutal sport became more geared to an athletic sporting event rather then a pure combative event. Once it became an official sport, rules were placed and the sport became more regulated to where the athletes must win by pinning and/or submitting their opponents, similar to modern day grappling and wrestling.

In 1995, Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed introduced the Dungal competition in the USA. Then, in 1996, the first official Dungal tournament was organized. Out of the 19 years the Dungal has been around, many events have gone by and many well known names competed in the Dungal. This includes former UFC fighters such as Yves Edwards, Mike Swick, Rich Clementi, and plenty more big names. The future of the Dungal will be great since plans of new events and venues in many new different states will occur in the next year. These states includes: California, Texas, New York, and New Jersey. This year the Dungal will be at it again! Bushi Ban HQ Pasadena will be hosting the 19th Annual Dungal Submission Grappling competition on Saturday, April 12th 2014. As usual, this event will be a NoGi event with the absolute class winners receiving $1000 in cash expense and beautiful medals. We look forward to seeing everyone compete and/or support the Dungal.

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