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Ten Ways to Maintain Supplemental Workout Motivation!

Summer is over but your supplemental workouts shouldn’t be! Don’t let new hectic schedules, later sunrises and life in general get you down. Sure, martial arts classes are your go-to workouts, but your supplemental workouts should be fun too. We have ten sure-fire ways to get you up and moving when you need that extra push!

1. Update Your iPod Queue: 
This tip is pretty self-explanatory and one that you may have already tried, but it can really work! Explore Spotify or the iTunes store for some upbeat tracks to add to your workout playlist. Give yourself a short preview to make sure you like the song, but try to resist listening to it in its entirety so that you can save that treat for your workout! 
Another fun tip is to download audiobooks and only allow yourself to listen to them during your supplemental workouts. Before you know it you’ll be gearing up, unable to wait another second before getting the the next “page” of your audiobook!

2. Make a Pledge With a Friend:
Use your supplemental workouts to spend time with friends! Hold each other accountable and encourage each other to do your absolute best. A fun way to motivate each other even more is to swap sneakers or another piece of gear crucial to your workout. Keep your friend’s gear in your car and they can keep your gear in their car. This way, if one of you wants to pass on a supplemental workout you are causing your friend to skip theirs too. This will encourage you to be there so that you don’t let your friend down! You’ll also be happier in the end to have stuck it out!

3. Do it for the Gram:
We live in a world of technology and you’d be kidding yourself if this tip wasn’t at least a little bit tempting to you. Motivate yourself by thinking of the awesome Instagram posts you’ll have if you capture a sunrise during an early run, an awesome new action shot, or a newly mastered yoga pose. Your followers will be in awe of your dedication between your regular martial arts classes! 

4. Treat Yourself to Healthy Rewards:
Reward your mind and body after a supplemental workout. Instead of working out for a piece of pizza, choose to stick with your healthy regime and reward yourself with your favorite smoothie, an episode of your favorite television show before bed or some relaxing bath time. You can also go for a reward over a longer period of time. Have you been eyeing a new juicer? Tell yourself that after 20 workouts you’ll splurge and treat yourself to a kitchen aid for your healthy lifestyle! You deserve it! (This tip is also useful for motivation before your regular martial arts classes!)

5. Journal Your Progress:
Keep a workout journal. You can journal about the routines you’ve completed, discuss your progress, write out tips for the future and remind yourself of how you feel after completing a session. On the days that you need extra motivation look back at your journal and read about how great you feel after a particularly difficult workout. You’ll be excited to add to the accomplishments you have previously written about! Journal about the times that you lacked motivation but still chose to sweat it out, this will give you an extra push and it should make you feel proud! 

6. Don’t be Afraid to Change Your Routine:
Don’t let yourself become too comfortable with your supplemental exercise routines. This could make you lose interest and motivation. By switching up your routines and scenery you are giving your mind something new to receive while you are treating your body to some much needed endorphins. Your Martial Arts gym is steadfast in your weekly workout schedule, so use your supplemental workouts to explore new methods and locations!

7. Take Your Dog:
Bring your furry friend along! Your dog’s stamina and excitement will transfer over to you when you bring them along for a run. Rile your pup up and get them running, play fetch, chase them, and have fun! Your dog will enjoy it and so will you! 

8. Stay Alert:
Don’t let that afternoon slump influence your motivation. Keep yourself alert and awake by making sure you eat meals with protein, drink water throughout the day and get up to stretch your legs if your job requires you to sit at a desk for long periods of time. Come up with fun pre-workout meals that you can look forward to. Try some lean turkey and veggies in a wrap or almond butter with an apple. If your pre-workout meals consist of foods you enjoy you’ll be more motivated and satisfied! Don’t forget that supplemental workouts are just as important to your physical improvements as your regular workouts are!

9. Time Management:
If time is your issue and you’d rather use your few moments of free time doing anything but working out try to stay motivated by sneaking in a few routines in small bursts throughout your day. Complete floor stretches while you watch television at night, use weights while you make the kids breakfast or pause for some squats and crunches while you walk the dog. Some people choose to bike or jog to work if it isn’t too far. There is always a way to get moving! Think about what will work for your lifestyle and soon enough your supplemental workouts will have a steady place within your weekly routine!

10. Stay Positive:
This is the simplest and perhaps the most important tip for maintaining motivation! Instead of thinking that you can’t possibly make it to the gym because you’re too tired, or you just don’t want to, remind yourself of all of the time you made the choice to workout and how proud you were of yourself afterwards. Keep inspiring quotes on your nightstand or write messages to yourself and attach them to the fridge. You are your own biggest motivator so take advantage of that luxury! 

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