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Kickboxing Fitness Classes

Action Packed 800 Calorie Kickboxing Workout! Get Fit & Look Great!

Kickboxing Classes Burn up to 800 calories in a ONE hour session!

This high-end Kickboxing program isn't for the faint of heart! It was created for peak performers that want a hard-core workout that burns up to 800 calories in a single ONE hour session.

Ultimate Workout

This ultimate workout combines best of kickboxing and mixed martial arts fitness with high-intensity aerobics, and the latest, most progressive Bushi Ban training methods available. You'll use your hands, arms elbows, legs and knees to kick, punch and work yourself into perfect shape.

Plus, to make sure you get pushed to your limits, you'll jostle between cross training, bands, bag workouts, light weights, and much, MUCH MORE! Stretching, flexing, toning each muscle and sculpting your body with every class you do while shedding unwanted pounds.

With this Kickboxing program, your coordination will improve, your flexibility will increase, and your strength and stamina will hit an all time high.

Just imagine

  • A tight washboard stomach
  • A lean sculpted torso
  • Well-defined arms, back and chest
  • Shapely calves and thighs
  • Weight loss & a toned body!

Best of all, you'll grow in all dimensions; physically, mentally and emotionally. The mental strength you will develop help you to think clearer, sharper, and with more confidence than ever before. PLUS, it is a great stress reliever!

No other program comes close!

Our instructors will provide you with the most effective, safe, and highest quality instruction available. You'll receive individual help as you master the basics and on-going guidance as your skill level increases.

If you want to take your workout from expert to EXTREME look no further!

Stress relief, fat loss, coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility, mental clarity, cardio health and a lean, sculptured body with a strong inner core are what you can expect from this incredible Power Kickboxing aerobics program.

You've already taken the first step. Don't procrastinate for one more second.

Kickboxing Classes in Multiple Locations!

Bushi Ban offers convenient and exciting kickboxing classes in Pasadena, Houston, Friendswood, La Porte, League City, Pearland, Seymour and Southbury.

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Our Combative and Power Kickboxing Classes Are Located In

  • League City (Combative)
  • La Porte (Power)
  • Almeda (Power)
  • Pasadena (Power)
  • Clearlake (Power)
  • Pearland (Power)

Benefits of kickboxing fitness

  • A tight washboard stomach
  • A lean sculpted torso
  • Well-defined arms, back and chest
  • Shapely calves and thighs
  • Weight loss and a toned body!

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