Mindful Eating

Today's tip comes from one of our favorite sites, Precision Nutrition.

Why do we overeat? It's hard to "waste" food. You know, the "there are starving children!" don't leave food speech.

Food keeps us occupied. If we are busy with food, we don't have to deal with other things.

Food numbs us. It's a good painkiller for emotional and physical distress.

We confuse emotions with hunger. We mix up anxiety or anger with hunger.

Habits - We do things automatically, including popping a bite as we cook.

We are worried about social consequences. We don't want to make a fuss at a social event.

What are some strategies to deal with mindless overeating?

1. Sit with that discomfort for 10 minutes. 2. Notice and name the discomfort as best you can. 3. Then make the food choice you feel is appropriate.

Good luck my friend; you can do it! :-)

See you in class, Master Zulfi

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